Iridology is the science and practice that reveals the body’s entire health status as seen thru the iris. By analyzing the iris we can see information about one’s constitutional inherent strengths and weaknesses, the state and functioning of every organ in the body, including cellular activity, as well as inflammation and toxemia. The iris is a communication system, like an extension of the brain, capable of handling an incredible amount of information which is revealed in the fibers of the iris. This is possible because the iris is attached with nerve fibers to the brain and nervous system by way of the optic nerve, optic thalami (thalamus) and spinal nerves. Often changes appear in the iris before the symptom actually develops providing us with the opportunity for preventative care.


By reading one’s individual constitutional make-up we can determine a person’s response to treatment and healing ability. The constitution is revealed by the color or shading, how many holes there are, lesions and the texture overall, somewhat like various types of fabric; silk, cotton weave, course burlap or cheesecloth for example. Like fabric, there are stronger constitutions with efficient metabolism, high adrenal stimulus and good mineral balance. The weaker constitutional type cannot maintain nutrient levels, metabolic processes are slower and toxic accumulations are likely. However; a weak constitution can be properly cared for and a strong constitution can reach a point of burn out all through diet and lifestyle.


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