What excesses are in your body? And what deficiencies are impairing your health?

The approach is simple .... deal with the underlying causes of dis-ease and treat the "whole" interconnected you and not just the symptom. Suppression only leads to further complications that will manifest itself in other ways.

Be grateful for the symptom as it is the body's way of communicating a problem..... don't treat the symptom; treat the cause. There is never only one gland or system involved and that explains the need to treat the whole person.

Your assessment will include, among other things, an iris analysis and a discussion of your  family history, core beliefs, dietary habits and lifestyle.

The basis of treatment from my office will evolve around the cause of dis-ease and not the naming of it. With this in mind we treat the tissue, the organ and systems in the body in order to optimize the functions of each and we do this through various means; diet (nutrition), herbs, supplementation, stress management, conventional and non-conventional therapies and other modalities necessary for one's condition.

It is important to know that there are many forms of therapy available; there is however a treatment that is unique to you.

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